Hi folks 

I'm going to start a weekly newsletter. This is very FRESH project for me and in order to streamline so that it eventually gets some good traction, I'm going to begin by having sprawling, unfocused content. I can't make decisions because I'm a Libra, LOL!!!!!* That means that sometimes it will be about something I'm interested in, it might be a interview with a fellow comedian, it might be a script I'm currently writing, it might be erotic fancfiction. It will all be from the brain of yours truly. 

So, the first newsletter is going to come out on THURSDAY the 26th April, and it's going to be something I am currently obsessed with: Jim and Pam from The Office. (American).

* No, my date of birth has nothing to do with it. I'm just a piece of shit who can't make decisions.